Holiday Raffle Giveaway


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💛Please read full details before entering.💛

We heard. We listened. We agree.

We got another Padlock Shoulder Bag in stock and decided to do a raffle style giveaway. 

1 winner

2 weeks to enter

3 bags to choose from (winner may pick which bag they want) 

Options: YSL Small Red Lou Camera Bag, Prada 2005 Nylon Re-Edition, or Gucci Small Padlock Shoulder Bag. 

A minimum of 50 entries must be sold for giveaway to happen. If all entries aren't sold, entry fees will be fully refunded. 

You may purchase as many entries as you like. 

You are entering for a chance to win one of these items. You are not purchasing the item directly.

Your entry number is your order number. 

You can purchase more than 1 entry to increase your chances of winning. The same order number will be entered the amount of times purchased.

If you want a different entry number per entry, purchase each entry/order separately . 

Winner will be announced on Instagram Live on December 11th.